Travel Baseball and Softball Tryouts

The Algonquin Storm Travel Baseball & Algonquin Aces Travel Softball teams will be holding try-outs at the end of July & early August. Try-out info will be posted soon. 

You may also check out the Team websites below for more info. 

AAYO is also looking for volunteers to start a 10U or 11U Algonquin Storm Travel Baseball Team or a 10U or 12U Algonquin Aces Travel Softball Team. To apply for this position please contact Larry Eissler at

Season Info

Fall Ball registration is OPEN thru August 4th.
visit the registration tab

 Mark your calendars...

Player Appreciation day Sunday June 25th*

March in the Algonquin Founders day parade July 29th*

* volunteers needed to make these days special for our players.

Please reach out to Larry at or 

Cindy at

Founder's Day Parade Pictures

A BIG thank you to the AAYO Board Members who attended and organized the parade, as well as all kids that joined us. Here are some pictures. 

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[ More Pictures ]

The 2017 Algonquin Storm Tryouts

The 2017 Algonquin Storm Travel Baseball & Algonquin Aces Travel Softball tryouts are coming up soon. Please contact the manager of the team to pre-register for the try-out or for more info.

17U Algonquin Storm - Ray Ledinsky -
Try-outs held at Algonquin Lakes North
August 6 - 10am to 1pm
August 7 - 10am to 1pm

15U Algonquin Storm Blue - Darren VanDyke -
Try-outs held at Algonquin Lakes North
August 1 - 5:45pm to 7:45pm
August 2 - 5:45pm to 7:45pm
August 3 - 5:45pm - 7:45pm

14U Algonquin Storm Blue - Joe Molinaro -
Try-outs held at Holder Park
July 14 - 6pm to 8pm
July 16 - 10am to 12pm

13U Algonquin Storm - Steve Lavin -
Try-outs held at Snapper Field
July 30 - 10am to 12pm

11U Algonquin Storm - Steve Foster -

Try-outs to be held at Kelliher Park
July 30 - 10am to 12pm
July 31 - 10am to 12pm

9U Algonquin Storm - Larry Eissler -
Try-outs to be held at Kelliher Park
August 7 - 3pm to 5pm
August 10 - 6pm to 8pm

18U Algonquin Aces - Travis Sjodin -
Try-outs to be held at Kelliher Park
August 2 -6pm to 7:30pm
August 6 - 10am to 12pm
August 7 - 10am to 12pm
August 9 - 6pm to 7:30pm

13U Algonquin Aces - Tim Moran -
Try-outs to be held at Kelliher Park
July 23 - 10am to 12pm
July 27 - 6:30pm to 8pm

12U Algonquin Aces - Chuck Smith -
Tryouts to be held at Kelliher Park
July 23 12pm to 2pm
July 27 6:30pm to 8pm

Player Appreciation Day raffle winners

Congratulations to all of our raffle prize winners…

$100 off Spring 2017 registration… Deegan and Maldonado families
$50 off Fall 2016 registration…  Hickey and Catalano families
4pack of Schaumburg Boomers tickets… Impastato family
Trader Joe’s goodie bag… Castro family
Gatorade backpack… Gale family
Port Edwards gift card… Carniglia family

2016 Fall Ball Registration

Fall Ball Registration is now open

Registration will be open thru July 31st. The Fall season will run Mid-August thru October. All ages will be set for the next season.

Visit the Player & Coach Registration tab on this page to Volunteer for the season

2015 Founder's Day Parade-- Thank You

AAYO would like to thank all players, parents, coaches, and everyone who participated in this year's Algonquin Founder's Day Parade! Thank you also to everyone who helped coordinate and organize the event! Was a great turnout, and we gave out a lot of stuff.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and signup for Fallball if you haven't already! Next Spring will be right around the corner.

Thank you again,

Player Recognition 2015

Welcome players, parents, and coaches!  We would like to start off our meeting tonight recognizing our Elite AYYO players. To qualify for this award players must have:

1) Been with the league at least 5 years (seasons) and
2) Will have completed their last qualifying season withAAYO this season.
This is a big accomplishment/commitment to AAYO and your youth baseball/softball careers.  Your dedication to AAYO for many years is greatly appreciated.


It is our pleasure to present to you an award recognizing your outstanding careeras a player in AAYO.

1)   Ashley Hannah – 7 years
2)   Alyssa Brooklyn Bennardo – 7 years
3)   Korey J. Stellmar – 7 years
4)   Abby Piemonte – 8 years
5)   Justin Richmond – 8 years
6)   Jess Parker – 9 years
7)   Stephanie Fiorentino – 9 years
8)   Caeley Shaull – 9 years
9)   Anton Zange – 10 years
10)  Kelsey Rago – 10 years
11)  Leah Grabowski – 10 years
12)  Emily Koster – 11 years
13)  Bailey Zinger – 11 years
14)  Victoria Pelke – 11 years
15)  Mary Black – 12 years
16)  Talia Tomson – 12 years
17)  Hannah Decker – 13 years
18)  Samantha McCreight – 13 years
19)  Abby Ptaszek – 13 years
20)  Lauren Meciej – 13 years
21)  Brittany Mueller – 13 years

Opening Day 2015


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Player Awards Reception

On Sunday 7/20/14 the Algonquin Area Youth Organization recognized twelve ball players for their outstanding commitment to AAYO and their love of the games of baseball and softball. To qualify these young athletes must have been with AAYO for the past 5 seasons and active during the current season. Awards were presented by AAYO Commissioner, Joe Molinaro. AAYO board members and relatives of the award recipients attended the reception. AAYO would like to thank all of the athletes and their families for their support and look forward to providing future services that meet their needs.

Player Awards Reception

Pictured above: Mike Duffy (Baseball Director), Ashley Mueller, Joe Molinaro (Commissioner), Doug McCreight (Softball Director), Nadia Zange, John Gorham, Alec Rivas, Grant Monasterio, Haley Morrisard, Pedram Soheil (Website Administrator), Cindy Grell (Registration). Not pictured: Scott Novy, Dylan Shaull, Jacob Grabowski, Marissa Shaull, Jacob Hanson, Karissa Gonio

Travel Teams

Algonquin Aces     Algonquin Storm