About Us

1956-66 -  "Algonquin Youth Program" was run under Harry Keilman.

1960-66 -  Ponytail League for girls was started.

1967-68 -  Jaycees support the program. Snapper field was built.

1969 -  Program was returned to the parents under the direction of Rollie Mess. Girls program resumed directed by Lucky Freund, Vicky Develis and Jean Botts.

1970 -  "Algonquin Summer Baseball League" was born. By-laws were written and officers elected. Teams were divided into Major and Minor leagues. The Pony league was created. A field was built. A concession stand went up at Snapper field.

1973 -  T-Ball instructional team was created for boy's 7 years old and a Colt league formed for 13-16 year old boys. The Girls Traveling League for McHenry County began.

1974 -  Under President Bill Canter our present "Algonquin Area Youth Organization" was incorporated to include both boys and girls with Jean Botts elected the first girls Director. The Colt league was divided into Pony league for 13 and 14 year olds and Colt league for 15 and 16 year olds in competition against Cary , LITH and Fox River Grove. A Minors field was built.

1975 -  Under President Bob Williams, a concession stand went up on the Minor league field.

1976 -  Under President Jerry Sinn, the two minor league fields were refurbished and were named Gulledge Field. First AAYO yearbook was published. Two refreshment stands were operated. By-laws were rewritten. New sportsmanship was written.

1977 -  Under President Dan Gilly, a girl's Pixie league was formed for teaching girls 7-8 the fundamentals of softball. Girls Minor League competition against Cary, LITH and Richmound. A basketball program was started for boys and girls during the winter months.

1978 -  Under President Rich Dinelli, the By-laws were updated. Through the efforts of many local organizations and the AAYO Board Members an all-new brick concession stand was built at Snapper.

1979 -  Under President Paul McDonough, new Pony/Colt fields was built by AMS and named Eipers Field in honor of Father William Eipers. A Friday night winter volleyball league was formed.

1980 -  Under President Ken Hornberg and Director Chris Sabathne, AAYO began its first soccer program.  Operating under the Cary Park District, the spring season saw the Algonquin/LITH soccer program with approximately 200 boys and girls ages 6-18 playing. The girls Majors League Won the Woodstock Tournament for the second consecutive year.

1981 -  Under President Mike Elliott, some members of AAYO Board helped initiate a meeting of community leaders for the purpose of forming a Park District in the Greater Algonquin Area. The AAYO sponsored the kid's game during founder's day.

1982 -  Professional umpires are now used. The soccer program separated from AAYO to form its own association. The Park at Spring was dedicated in memory of Larry Holder.

1983 -  Bleachers donated by Algonquin Lions were installed at Gulledge Field. Two new diamonds, Zange Field and Neubert Field, were completed.

1984 -  With help from the Village of Algonquin Parks Committee, Eipers was rebuilt.

1985 -  Under President John Drapanes, AAYO provided 463 boys and girls the opportunity to play baseball and softball. In the Cary Tournament, the Boy's Majors and the Girls Majors brought a 2nd place trophy and a 3rd place trophy home.  During Founders Day, AAYO won 1st place trophy for organizational floats.

1990 - 1992 -  Under President Chuck Horn, plans were laid out for new ball fields that become Presidential Park.  Holder Field was renovated with a grass/dirt infield, drain tiles, dugouts, and fencing.  Chuck also brought AAYO into the digital age, by computerizing AAYO documents, such as registration and finances.  AAYO's first ever Kane County Cougars family event was held.  A close relationship with Hardee's of Algonquin brought a hamburger truck to Snapper Field for opening/closing ceremonies.   Tremendous growth in the area brought AAYO to nearly 1000 boys and girls.

1993 -  Carol Weinhammer serves as President.

1994 -  Under President Carol Weinhammer play began at the three fields at Presidential Park.

1995 -  Under President Dave Sanders the AAYO changes its Board leadership format to include the head as the Commissioner of AAYO, Warriors division President and a Braves division President.

1996 -  Under President Dave Sanders participation trophies for all players were provided.  Also a playoff was arranged for all leagues.

1997 -   Under President Tim Gentile over 1000 boys and girls played in the AAYO.  In the Cary tournament girl's minors brought home 2nd place.  The first player Appreciation Day was established.

1998 -  Under Commissioner Tim Gentile play began at Willoughby Farms known as Wynnfield Field.  The first AAYO Players Guide is published. The girl's Minors and Majors took 2nd place and the Pony team took first place trophies home to Algonquin, at the Cary tournament. The AAYO Colt team and girls Travel team took 1st place in their leagues.

1999 -  Under Commissioner Tim Gentile, the close of the millennium and the planning for the next began.  Play began at two new fields at Westfield Community School, which was a joint effort between AAYO, District 300 and the Village of Algonquin.

2000 -  Under Commissioner Tim Gentile, we start the new millennium with 100 teams and over 1000 players. The Baseball Minors had been split into a 9-year-old Mustang and a 10-year-old Minor's league. Softball divided its leagues into Instructional, Pony Tail and Minors this year.

2001 -  Under Commissioner Tim Gentile, Instructional Baseball is so large that it is decided to separate eight year olds into their own league and call it Junior Mustang.

2002 -  After seven years Commissioner, Tim Gentile retires. Discussions continue to include the growth of girls travel softball and the possibilities of an Algonquin team.

2003 -  Under the leadership of Commissioner, Tracy Harper, plans are confirmed to add two more fields on the west side which will be known as Kelliher Park. The AAYO Board is restructured to include an Executive Committee of eleven members. The Village of Algonquin began work on the next year's two additional fields which became Algonquin Lakes. Plans are put into place for the construction of a concession stand at Presidential Park.

2004 -  Scott Richman begins serving as Commissioner. The completion and use of the Concession Stand at Presidential Park is realized. Travel teams are hosting tournaments and bringing other teams to visit the fine city of Algonquin. Growth and field space continue to be a concern for the Board.

2005 -  aayo.net is launched to improve information sharing. PPP program is launched to encourage parental involvement. New AAYO logo is introduced. Two new fields at Algonquin Lakes are put into use. Fences added to several fields. Safety improved at Presidential Park with a new protective backstop installed in fall. 

2006 -  A slotted draft is tried for the first time in one league and results in better parity.  AAYO hosts its first Softball All Star tournament. In cooperation with the Village of Algonquin, new dugouts are installed at Presidential Park and Holder Field in preparation for 2007.

2007 -  Online registration is offered for the first time. Slotted draft is made standard.  Travel softball program grows by offering a second travel softball age group.

2008 -  Training for all coaches was provided from the Positive Coaching Alliance to promote the "Honoring the Game" coaching qualities. Following this spirit a new annual award was created for Softball and Baseball Coach of the Year. Additionally, the Thor Guard Lighting detection system was activated at Presidential and Snapper fields.

2009 -  Dan Black begins serving as Commissioner.  New board position is created - Public Relations and Scheduling.

2010 -  Kelliher field is enhanced with a concession stand built within the existing building. The Mustang league was consolidated into Minors creating a 9-10 year old boys league.

2011 -  Girls Majors age was expanded to 17 and Boys Pony age was expanded to 15 year olds. Also, recognizing the demand for increased higher skill level of play the travel program was expanded to enable 2 teams for each age group in baseball and softball.

2012 -  AAYO began cross town league play and playoffs with Lake in the Hills in both softball and baseball. Also, the 7th Annual Softball Tournament of All Stars welcomed a record 30 teams.  

2013 - Joe Molinaro begins serving as Commissioner. Fall Ball is added for most leagues. Director of Recruiting position is added to the board.

2015 - Mike Duffy begins serving as Commissioner. AAYO partners with NISA for softball play. Senior boys baseball is added as an option for boys ages 16-19.