All Star Program


The regular A.A.Y.O. season is geared toward all players on a team participating in each game. Prior to the end of the season, try-outs will be held for each leagues respective All Star team(s). All Stars is an opportunity for selected league players to compete at a higher level through area tournaments.
The manager of the All-Star team has the responsibility of setting the line-up for each game.  This means that the manager will decide the positions each player will play and the batting order. There will be no input from the parents of the All-Star in this matter. The manager's decision is final. There is one rule that each manager will have to follow. No player shall sit the bench for more than one consecutive inning during each game.  It is the responsibility of the coaches and parents to explain to all ball players this position and to support him/her throughout the All-Star season.
If for any reason there is a problem with the above stated policy, comments should be directed to the attention of the Executive Committee through the Baseball or Softball Director, not through team managers and coaches. Keep in mind that the team represents not only A.A.Y.O. during the All-Star season, but the Algonquin community as well. Good sportsmanship on the part of the managers, coaches, players and parents should be of the utmost importance at all times.
It will be the responsibility of the parents to supply a copy of their child's birth certificate to the team manager, prior to the first All-Star game.

- League Coordinator, League Director, Vice-Commissioner and Commissioner will determine dates for All-Star try-outs. The try-out date(s) will be published on the AAYO web-site and communicated to each manager by the League Coordinate of each age group.  Try-out dates will be made available each year as early in the season as possible.
-  Each of the divisions will field one team.  If there are enough players and the talent level warrants it a second team may be picked as well.
- Try-out evaluators will be selected by the League Coordinator, League Director and Vice Commissioner and should be as unbiased as possible.
-  Evaluation sheets will be provided to the League Coordinators through an attachment via e-mail.
- All try-out evaluations are confidential.
- League Coordinators and League Director will be responsible for the selection of each All-Star Teams Head Coach/Manager.
- The Head Coach/Manager will select assistant coaches with the assistance of the League Coordinator and League Director after player tryouts. There will be a maximum of three (3) assistant coaches and one (1) official scorekeeper selected per team.
- Each All-Star Team will consist of 12 players.
- Player selection process guidelines will be as follows:
- Each player will be evaluated at the try-out using evaluation methods endorsed by AAYO. The same areas of evaluation will be used throughout the entire try-out.
- Upon completion of the try-out the League Director & League Coordinator will calculate the results of the evaluations and rank the players from highest to lowest.
-  The 12-player roster will be determined by taking the top nine (9) evaluated players. The League Coordinator & League Director with the help of the Team Manager will select the balance of the roster.
- League Coordinator, League Director, Commissioner and Manager will coordinate practices. Practices will be based on field availability. Field Availability will be shared amongst all Leagues with an All-Star team(s).
- League Coordinator and League Director will determine appropriate tournaments to be approved by Commissioner/Vice Commissioner. Every effort will be made to share tournaments and dates with parents and players prior to the try-out.
- One (Out of Town) tournament will be sponsored by A.A.Y.O. Additional tournaments will be at the expense of the players/parents.
- For all (In Town) tournaments sponsored by A.A.Y.O., Parents of the Team will  be required to help where needed, including mandatory concession shifts and field work etc.
- No All-Star tournaments will be played prior to the end of the regular A.A.Y.O. season. This will insure that there will be no conflict of player attendance at the regular season scheduled games.
- All tournament play will be completed by the end of July. The only exception will be if a tournament begins in July and carries over into August.

Each player must be in full uniform in order to participate in an All-Star tournament game. The white pin-striped baseball pants for boys used during the season will be utilized. The shorts (softball), jersey, hat and socks will be purchased at the parent's expense. Every effort will be made to keep the cost of the All-Star uniforms reasonable.
Coach/Player Conduct:

The use of abusive language will not be tolerated.
Throwing equipment in anger will not be tolerated.
Fan Conduct:

Only players, managers, coaches and umpires shall participate in the game or occupy the playing field and bench area.
Undue vocal or physically threatening actions by fans towards managers, coaches, players, umpires or spectators will not be tolerated.