By Laws & Legal

Section 1.
The name of this not for profit corporation shall be:
Algonquin Area Youth Organization, Incorporated. 

Section 2.
It shall be the responsibility of the President/Commissioner of the aforementioned corporation to cause to be filed, recorded and/or registered and maintained in a current status, such statements of certification and take whatever steps necessary to preserve the rights of the corporation in the name of the Algonquin Area Youth Organization, Incorporated.
Objectives and Purpose
Section 1.
            The objectives and purpose of this Organization shall be:
A.      To organize, conduct, supervise, sponsor and otherwise foster wholesome athletic youth baseball/softball programs for the youth residing in the Algonquin area.
B.      To seek out and enlist the active personal participation and support of the adults of the Algonquin area community for the aforementioned athletic, social and recreational programs.
C.      To receive and develop the financial support of adults, organizations, businesses, agencies and others for the aforementioned athletic, social and recreational programs.
D.      To organize, supervise and conduct activities and programs for the furtherance of the work of this not for profit corporation.
E.      To provide a corporate entity into which real and personal property may be transferred by those persons, organizations, businesses, agencies and others who are desirous of helping to achieve the purpose for which this corporation is founded, whereby, by gift, devise, bequest or other transfer, the transferor can help to finance and otherwise support the aforementioned programs.
F.      To do acts or to carry out any activities or programs which are authorized or permitted by law in furtherance of the aforementioned programs.
Governing Body
Section 1.
The governing body of the corporation/organization is a Board of Directors. The Executive Committee consists of the Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors. The Executive Committee members are voting members. Non-voting board members include the Coordinators.
Section 2.
Officers, Directors and Coordinators:
A.      The Officers shall consist of a Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer.
B.      The Directors shall consist of: League Operations, Fundraising, Construction & Development, Developmental, Baseball, Softball, Registration and Travel.
C.      The Coordinators shall consist of: T-Ball, Instructional Softball, Instructional Baseball, Ponytail Softball, Jr. Mustang Baseball, Mustang Baseball, Minors Softball, Minors Baseball, Bronco Baseball, Majors Baseball, Majors Softball, Pony Baseball, Concessions, Fields, Equipment, Special Events, Umpire, Uniforms & Trophies and and     Newsletter. (Web Administrator)
D.    All Officers, Directors and Coordinators shall hold office for a period of one year. With the exception of the Commissioner and Registration Director who shall hold office for 2 years; however, they are eligible for re-election.
E.      No person shall hold more than one office at any one time on the Executive Committee. The Commissioner shall have the authority to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term of an Officer, Director or Coordinator with the approval of the Board of Directors.
F.      With the exception of the Commissioner, each Officer and Director is entitled to cast one vote per motion.
1.       In the case of Co-Directorship, that activity or league will be entitled to cast only one vote.
2.       The Commissioner will vote only in the case of a tie and shall cast the deciding vote.
Section 3.
Election of Officers and Directors
A.   A Nominating Committee chaired by the Secretary and composed of all Board members shall submit a list of candidates for the Officers, Directors and Coordinators for acceptance and/or additional nominations from the floor in August.
B.     Election of Officers and Directors shall be held if possible during the last meeting in August. If members are not present than election can be held until the September meeting.
C.      The Officers and Directors elected shall attend the August meeting for the purpose of transition.
D.      The incoming Board shall assume their duties on September 1.
Section 4.
The Board of Directors, by a two-thirds vote of those present at a regular meeting, shall have the authority to remove from office or Directorship a member of the Board of Directors whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of the Organization.
Section 1.
The Board of Directors shall hold regular meetings as scheduled in the approved calendar. A regular meeting may be cancelled or rescheduled by a majority vote at a prior meeting.
Section 2.
Special meetings may be called by the Commissioner, or upon request by a member of the Board of Directors, to the Commissioner.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the written or oral notification to the members of the Board of Directors.  Except in the case of an emergency, at least three days notice shall be given.  Only business relating to the stated purpose of the special meeting will be in order.
Section 3.
A six-member attendance of the Board Members and Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting and a majority vote of those present shall govern except when otherwise especially provided.
Section 4.
Only Officers and Directors are eligible to vote.
Section 5.
A majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors shall govern unless otherwise provided.
Section 6.
Absentee votes can be registered prior to a scheduled vote if any one Officer is notified in writing, or any two Officers are notified orally.
Section 7.
Visitor Policy
A.   All visitors to a regular scheduled board meeting will be introduced and asked if they have any business that needs to be addressed.  From that point forward, they will be required to sit in the back of the room quietly listening, and will not be permitted to participate in any discussion during the meeting.
Managers and Coaches
Section 1.
Names of prospective managers and coaches shall be submitted to the Board of Directors by January.  The utmost discretion shall be used in the selection of these personnel.  Any one Board Member can call a secret ballot and then the manager or coach in question must be approved by a majority vote of all members present.
Section 2.
These personnel shall perform duties as directed by the Board of Directors and the Coordinator of their individual league in accordance with these by laws, Organization rules and policies (written and implied), and conference rules and policies where applicable.
Section 3.
The Commissioner shall have the authority to temporarily remove any manager or coach whose conduct is considered to be detrimental to the best interest of the Organization, in accordance with the rules of conduct agreement signed by all coaches and managers.  Said manager or coach shall have the opportunity to address the Board of Directors, prior to final determination of his/her status by the Board.
Section 1.
Any youth meeting the requirement as to age and/or other specific league requirements and providing he/she has an Algonquin mailing address, or other areas as approved by the Board of Directors, shall be eligible to participate.
Section 2.
Age guidelines will be as follows:
Boys and Girls
T-Ball -  5 & 6 (6 if no previous t-ball experience) 
Boys Baseball League                  Ages
Instructional                              6 & 7
Jr. Mustang                                  8
Mustang                                      9
Minors                                        10
Broncos                                      11
Majors                                        12
Pony                                       13 & 14
Travel                              Dictated by travel
Girls Softball League                   Ages
Instructional                            6, 7 & 8
Ponytail                                    9 &10
Minors                                    11 & 12
Majors                              13, 14,15,16
Travel                              Dictated by travel
League age will be considered that age as of April 1 for baseball, January 1 for softball, the year the child participates.  Birth certificates to establish league age are due when registering for the first time.  FOR EXCEPTIONS - See policy I.
Financial Policy
Section 1.
The Officers and Directors shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the organization.  It shall be policy to place all income in a common organization treasury and a capital improvement fund.  The Board of Directors is to direct the expenditures of the funds.
Section 2.
The Commissioner, Secretary, Registration, Field and Equipment Directors shall have the authority to make expenditures not to exceed $100.00 without prior approval of the Board of Directors. Expenditures shall be reported to the Treasurer at the next scheduled meeting. Others may make expenditures as approved in the budget.
Section 3.
All invoices shall be presented to the Board of Directors at a regular scheduled meeting for approval for payment by check.

Section 4.
All funds of the Algonquin Area Youth Organization, Inc. shall be maintained in a financial institution as the Board of Directors designates.
Section 5.
Two of the following Officer's signatures shall be required on all checks and savings withdrawals: Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner, Secretary,Treasurer or Travel.
Section 6.
At the direction of the Board of Directors, bids shall be solicited for all major expenditures.  Local business firms shall be encouraged to bid first.
Section 7.
At no time shall this Board of Directors approve monetary donations to any other organization.  Any donations by this organization of time, facilities and/or equipment will be considered on an individual basis and approved only by a quorum vote of this Board.
Section 8.
The Coordinator of Umpires, Fields and Concessions shall submit bi-weekly time sheets to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will pay out on a bi-weekly schedule indicated on the A.A.Y.O. board approved calendar.
Rules and Team Assignments- see policy II
Uniforms and Equipment
Section 1.
It is the responsibility of the parents to assure their children wear a clean, neat regulation and approved A.A.Y.O. uniform at each regulation baseball/softball game.  Any player not in uniform will not participate in a game.
Section 2.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to sell uniforms to players for a fee, in addition to the registration fee, each season.  In exchange for that fee, the player will keep the uniform.
Section 3.
It shall be the responsibility of the manager of each team to return all equipment provided to him/her by A.A.Y.O., to the Director of Equipment, promptly at the end of the season. If the equipment is not returned in a timely manner, the Board reserves the right to fine the Manager of said team.
Section 1.
The following rules of conduct shall be enforced:
A.      A player, coach or fan may be ejected from the game:
1.       Upon intentional throwing or kicking of a helmet, throwing a bat or any other object on the field.
2.       For foul or abusive language directed at the players, coaches, umpires or A.A.Y.O. officials.
3.       For refusal to align him/herself to a regular baseball/softball playing position on the playing field during an official game.
B.      Game Umpires, the Director of Umpires, or a member of A.A.Y.O. Board of Directors shall have complete authority to eject a player, coach or fan from a game, so long as reasons for the ejection are discussed with the game Umpire.
C.      After an ejection from an A.A.Y.O. organized game, a player, coach or fan may be disqualified from further league activities for the remainder of the season.  The only alternative being that the player, coach or fan must appear before the Board of Directors to discuss his/her conduct and to determine if he/she can change his/her sportsmanship attitude while participating in any A.A.Y.O. function.  If the Board of Directors feels the player, coach or fan should have another chance, they may vote on the matter after discussion.
D.      Umpire decision is final unless in violation of a rule.
E.      The Board of Directors shall have the authority, by a majority vote, to suspend any player, coach or fan, whose conduct is considered to be detrimental to the best interest of the organization.
Section 2.
The above rules of conduct shall be provided to all registrants.
Parliamentary Authority
Section 1.
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this Organization/Corporation in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws, special rules of order, policies and rules the Organization/Corporation may adopt.
Section 1.
These bylaws, or any section thereof, may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present at any regular meeting; provided that written notice of such proposed changes, over the signature of the Secretary, has been mailed to each member of the Board of Directors at least ten days prior to the meeting at which time the proposed changes shall be submitted to a vote.
Section 2.
In order that all personnel in the organization are familiar with these bylaws, they shall be read and/or supplied at the October meeting.
The league Directors, in cooperation with the managers, coaches and parents, have the authority to play up or down any player depending upon the skill level of the child. Play downs will only be allowed for medical reasons.
Section 1.
A.      At the time of registration, upon the parents written request to the Board of Directors, the league Coordinators of both leagues involved have the authority to recommend to the Board of Directors that a registrant who demonstrates the abilities required in the graduated league, (unless this change is in direct conflict with another league's rules) be registered in the upper league.
B.      A.A.Y.O. will distribute a list of approved players eligible to sub in the next higher league.  The parents of such a player must sign a permanent waiver release acknowledging the potential risk to their child when playing in a game in a league out of their child's age group, prior to the child playing in the game.  This will be applicable only to registrants age 7 and above, as of July 31 of that year of registration.  Registrants below the stated ages are not eligible to play in games outside of their respective league.
C.   Subs may only play if fewer than 9 rostered players are in attendance.  When 9 players are present, subs may not continue to play.
League Rules and Team Assignments - POLICY II
Section 1.
A.      Rules for each league are determined by the Executive Committee and the League Coordinator.
B.      Executive Committee and League Coordinator will then present any rule change to the Board for approval.
C.      Presentation to the Board is accomplished at the January Board meeting.
D.      No League Rule can supersede an A.A.Y.O organizational rule.
E.      All other recommendations for League Rule changes must go through the League Coordinator.
F.      A copy of Organizational Rules and League Rules will be provided to all players in A.A.Y.O.
Section 2.
A.      Team assignments for T-Ball and Instructional
1.       Manager and Coaches' children assigned to their team
2.       Siblings assigned to the same team
3.       Special requests made by both player's parents, who want to play together
4.       Late registrations and fill in
B.      Team assignments for Ponytail, Jr. Mustang, Mustang, Minors, Broncos, Majors and Pony
1.       Manager and Coaches' children assigned to their team
2.       Siblings assigned to the same team
3.       Open draft
C.      Team Assignments for Colt, Travel
1.       Try-out basis


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