Q:        If we are not residents of Algonquin can we register?
A:        Yes, you may register.  There is no residency requirement.
Q:        I am new to the area and you have no park district, how do I find out about sports for my children?
A:        There is currently no park district that services most of the Algonquin community.  However, Algonquin and the surrounding community are fortunate to have several strong non-profits that offer sports to the local community. They include but are not limited to:

Algonquin/Lake in the Hills Soccer Association - Contact:  http://www.alithsa.org/  
LA Jr. Golden Eagles Football - Contact:  http://www.lafalcons.org/  
LA Jr. Golden Eagles  Cheerleading - Contact http://www.jreaglescheer.com
Argonaut Football and Cheer - Contact http://www.algonquinargonauts.com

Q:        When is registration?
A:         Spring online registration opens up the first week of November and runs through early March.  Fall      Ball registration begins first week of May thru the end of July.

Q:        Can we register online?
A:       Rec players must register online. Travel players must register in person.
Q:        What are the cutoff dates that determine which league my child will play in?
A:        Beginning with the 2006 season, the dates were changed to conform with Little League and ASA standards.
    Baseball: April 30
    Softball: January 1
Q:        Do you accept debit or credit cards?
A:        A credit card is accepted for online registration.

Q:        How much is registration?
A:        For an up to date fee schedule please click on the registration link provided in the "Menu" section on the front page of the website.
Q:        Are there any discounts given?
A.        Yes. Discounts are available for families with multiple children in A.A.Y.O. for the Spring session. Fall Ball does not have any discounts.
Q:        What do I need to purchase for my child?
A:        Uniform shirt, socks and hat/visor will be provided as part of your league fees (for most divisions). You may need to purchase baseball pants or softball shorts - please see uniforms for more information. Your child will need cleats and a fielder's glove to participate.
Q:        What kind of cleats do I purchase?
A:        Rubber baseball or softball cleats are required for all leagues. At no time will players be allowed to play in metal cleats or spikes.
Q:        Is it necessary to purchase personal safety equipment for my child?
A:        An athletic support cup is required for all boys in the league. Female protectors can be a bit difficult to find so if this is something that you would like information on please let one of the Board Members know of your interest and they will point you in the right direction.
Q:        What happens after my child is registered?
A:        If your child is in one of our non-competitive Instructional leagues he or she will be assigned to a team in spring by the end of March, in Fall by the middle of August. If your child is in a competitive league (any league with an umpire) he or she will go through the draft which is held in March for spring session info by mid August for Fall Ball. Once your child is drafted he or she will receive a phone call from the Manager of the team he or she was drafted to. Instructional players receive a phone call usually by the fourth week of March for the Spring session. (see our calendar of dates for th draft date)
Q:        Who can attend the draft?
A:        The draft is a closed to the public. One manager and two coaches for each team will be allowed to participate in the draft. In the event that a coach cannot attend the draft someone can go in their place with the League Coordinators prior approval.
Q:        Is the draft really necessary?
A:        With a league this large, the draft and its current structure is the only way that A.A.Y.O. has to place hundreds of children into teams. Players are evaluated from previous year's development and scores are shared with the managers. If a player has never played in the league those scores are left as zeros and comments may be written in to notify managers of any experience. (we may have try-outs prior to draft to help access players)
Q:        When do practices begin?
A:        Practices begin in late March/early April with very inclement weather for Spring, Fall Ball will begin practice in mid August. We do our best to provide every team with at least five practices prior to the beginning of the game season for Spring and two before the Fall season. However, due to field restraints we cannot reschedule practices that are cancelled due to inclement weather. The schedule is done for all the teams in the league and we cannot guarantee that it will be the same day of the week every week. We can share with you that two practices a week is our goal for Spring and one for Fall Ball. Our practices will be held at 5:45p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9:00a.m. 5:00p.m. Practices last approximately 1 ½ hrs. Remember that you do not have to have a baseball field to hold a practice. There are many open areas that would be suitable for drills that would help players prepare for the season.
Q:        When do games begin?
A:        Games begin usually in late April and early May for Spring and late August early September for Fall Ball. Teams are usually scheduled to play at least two games a week with an occasional third game once or twice during the  Spring season and one game a week for Fall Ball. Game days vary and will not be consistent. It is impossible for A.A.Y.O. to do its scheduling this way. What this means is that one week you might play on Monday and Thursday and the next you will play Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Most teams will have Saturday games every to every other week. (for Spring, Fall Ball games are usually all on Saturdays)
Games begin Monday through Friday at 5:45p.m. Saturday games are scheduled to begin at 9:00a.m. The last scheduled game on Saturday is 4:30p.m.
Q:        When will we get a schedule?
A:        Schedules are given to the Managers for distribution to each player just prior to or on the first practice.
Q:        When does the season end?
A:        In other words: when can we go on vacation? The season win/loss record for every team is tallied and once seeds are determined, a league playoff schedule will be set. We make every effort to have the playoffs complete by July 4 holiday. Instructional League games are complete the end of June. (for Spring, Fall Ball will end by the end of October)
Q:        What happens when it is raining or has been raining and we have a scheduled practice or game?
A:        All parents and players should communicate with their respective managers and/or coaches. The managers should be aware of field conditions prior to calling off any scheduled practices or games. A.A.Y.O. Board Members and field staff will make every attempt to get the field "playable". Field Staff may call League Coordinators if the field conditions are bad enough to warrant the calling of a game. League Coordinators will then notify managers who in turn can notify their players.
Q:        If I have a problem who do I contact?
A:        If you have a problem your first contact should be your team manager as he/she is the liaison between the league and the team. If the manager is not able to help you within an appropriate timeframe please contact the League Coordinator. If the League Coordinator is not able to help you, please contact the Director of Baseball or the Director of Softball. These individuals are in direct contact with the Executive Committee and will see to it that your problem is addressed.
It is important to remember that while you may feel your problem needs immediate attention, members of the A.A.Y.O. Board of Directors are volunteers. They are moms and dads that have taken on the additional task of providing this wonderful program to your child. They wear many hats and it is not always easy to switch hats. Please be patient. Our first priority is your child.

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